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We take great care of our vineyards, which cover an area of about 70 hectares.

They are grown in Spalliera and Tendone, and the varieties are many as well as the possibility of producing I.G.P. (Protected Geographical Indication) certificates from Daunia and Puglia.

The rows of vines are not the beginning, but they are thus the heart of the production of Mastricci wines.

We carry out the wine business in the Cerignola (FG) plant, where we process the best grape with cutting-edge technologies, from storage to wine processing.

It is important for us to identify the needs and demands of the market for a worthy preparation of the product, each with the standards defined with the customers.

The structure of

Mastricci Wines

The quality of the materials and the use of modern processing techniques

Our company reflects our main goal: customer satisfaction.

This is why the winery is equipped with the most up-to-date technologies with stainless steel attached tanks.

This guarantees the correct conservation and hygiene through technical solutions that respect the products and the environment, also allowing us to strengthen our production facilities with an eye to market demands.

What do we produce?

The management of the vineyards and the management of the grapes with a view to perfect technological, phenolic and aromatic ripeness is entrusted to the expert hands of Giuseppe and his father Pasquale.

Our vineyards, which cover an area of 70 hectares, are cultivated in espalier and awning. To different varieties correspond several possibilities of producing wines with a geographical indication typical of Daunia and Puglia.

Each batch of grape is processed according to its own characteristics trying to enhance its qualities through a careful working process in the cellar.

In addition to making common, thermo-conditioned, varietal white wines and vermouth bases, there is the possibility of producing fresh clarified musts.

Products that best express the varietal character are obtained from rosé wines to red grapes.

The fundamental aspect for the company is related to the characteristics of the grape and the needs of the market.

Research and Innovation

Increasingly avant-garde techniques in respect of the environment and humans

Mastricci Wines was one of the first companies to promote and join the photovoltaic project, in order to produce and work more and more in contact with the earth by producing alternative energy.

Ours is a plant of over 1,000 square meters that pushes us to constantly research, create and produce ever new and alternative energy respecting the environment and humans.

We produce over 70% of the energy useful for our equipment, in periods of full activity, and we are one of the few companies to have Co2 emissions always under control thanks to a station that monitors the latter daily, and far below current standard values.


Wine is one of those goods indiscriminately produced throughout the national territory but, in the southern regions such as Puglia, Basilicata, Campania and Calabria, this has a very important role not requiring very fertile soils, but preferring poor ones, different for their specific composition and texture.

This is why the production of the best wines takes place right here.

It is not just a matter of experience and secrets handed down from generation to generation, but it is above all a question of knowing how to exploit with great skill the ideal territory that nature has made available to us.