IGP Certification

The guarantee of the products made by Vinicola G.R.G. it is given by the IGP certification.

      • IGP

        Protected Geographical Indication

The definition of Protected Geographical Indication, better known with the acronym IGP, indicates a mark of origin that is recognised by the European Union to those agricultural and food products for which a certain quality, reputation or other characteristic depends on the geographical origin, and whose production, transformation and/or processing takes place in a specific geographical area.

To obtain the IGP, at least one phase of the production process must take place in a particular area. Those who produce IGP must comply with the strict production rules established in the product specification, and compliance with these rules is guaranteed by a specific inspection body.

On each of our products it is possible to request 100% I.G.P. certification with reference to the “DAUNO” territory or with regional reference, and therefore “PUGLIESE”.

The IGP certification guarantees its origin, quality, harvesting and processing criteria, through strict controls by the inspection body.

Read the Decree and / or specification of PGI wines (Puglia Section)